“The Lioness”

Lionesses are natural born hunters. And the relentless roar of a lioness is a call to action to her pride, to organize a successful hunt to ensure survival, to protect her brood and to achieve what she has in mind. No wonder then that in Shamanism, the lioness personifies the mother energy of a fierce protector and carer. The Lioness, in her strong bearing is poised to let out a roar to organize and create the biggest opportunity to protect the generations that are coming after us, what she values the most, our World, the Nature that surrounds us. She cares, just like us. Above all, she loves.

Our beloved friend Dilek Ucarli’s serene seaside dune photos taken in Skagen, Denmark, imbued a deep sense of reverie in us, also underlining what we stand to lose if we do not organize and protect our Mother Nature, creating a great match for our lioness.

  • Desenlerimiz elde çizilip, dijital olarak basılmaktadır.
  • %100 ipek, crepe de chine.
  • Ölçü: 40 cm x 40 cm.
  • Fularlarımızın kenarları elde çevrilmektedir.
  • Herbir fular kendi %100 pamuk kesesi ile size yollanır.
  • Sipariş, değişim/iade ve ürün bakımı ile ilgili detaylara buradan ulaşabilirsiniz.