“La Loba”

This She-Wolf print is a tribute to the strong female archetypes depicted in the folk tales collected by Clarissa P. Estes in her sensational book, “Women Who Run with the Wolves.”   The feminine mythology recounted by C.P. Estes in this beloved volume is rich with examples of forceful women in touch with their creative selves & characterized by unbridled freedom – aka, impressive She-Wolves running wild.

And we chose to give our “Loba” the legs of Kathrine Switzer, the 20-year-old athlete who became the first woman to officially compete in the Boston Marathon in 1967 – historically a men’s only event till then– even as the race officials tried to harass, tackle and physically stop her. To us, she is the epitome of a She-Wolf in her natural habitat - invincible & inspirational.

Our dear Dilek Ucarli’s photo taken in the Belgrade forests right outside of Istanbul, became the body of our She-Wolf, as we thought it so perfectly evoked the natural habitat a she would feel right at home.

  • Desenlerimiz elde çizilip, dijital olarak basılmaktadır.
  • Rumisu için özel dokunmuş, Alman Gabardin kalitesinde %100 yün.
  • Ölçü: 137 cm x 137 cm.
  • Fularlarımızın kenarları elde çevrilmektedir.
  • Her bir fular kendi %100 pamuk kesesi ile size yollanır.
  • Sipariş, değişim/iade ve ürün bakımı ile ilgili detaylara buradan ulaşabilirsiniz.