“Ruby Slippers”

We are not in Kansas anymore!

Our mighty modern day Dorothy is peeking through the mists of anxiety… And what does she see, you ask?  A Second Renaissance?

It is no secret that 21st Century is pushing our limits with everyday experiences copied from sci-fi movies. We increasingly find ourselves trying to navigate our lives in an unfamiliar territory. As uncertainty on every level surrounds us, just like this modern day Dorothy with her ruby slippers on a new path, we peek at the foggy horizons of anxiety through the lenses of our hearts we feel that we are witnessing a new era of healing being ushered.

We felt Dilek Ucarli’s blissful photographs of wild horses taken by her in Faroe Islands were simply the most fitting for our Dorothy, as horses are beautiful symbols of freedom, endurance and power.

  • %100 ipek crepe de chine kumaştan, cepli klasik gömlek elbise.
  • XS/S ve M/L olmak üzere 2 bedende mevcuttur.
  • Mankenin Ölçüleri: Boy-165cm/ Göğüs-84cm/ Bel-58cm/ Kalça-82 cm/ Beden-XS/S
  • Desenlerimiz elde çizilip, dijital olarak basılmaktadır.
  • Sipariş, değişim/iade ve ürün bakımı ile ilgili detaylara buradan ulaşabilirsiniz.